Hypnotherapy involves a natural state of mind in which communication with the subconscious mind is established. The subconscious can be considered as the “child-like” part of the mind. It does not know fact from fiction, nor can it understand the concept of time. It’s the feeling part of the mind and it especially responds well to imagery. Therefore, most  programming of this type involves visualization. “Imagine yourself as a thin person.” would be a likely suggestion for someone in a weight loss protocal.

Hypnotherapy has been used  for centuries by various cultures and religions. ln 1958 it was recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as being a useful modality for the treatment of certain medical conditions and it is now being used effectively by clinicians, doctors and dentists for pain management, health issues and more recently to aid the mother in the process of natural childbirth. It is also remarkably helpful for eating issues, quitting addictions, sleep problems, phobias, stress management and much more. (See section ” What is hypnotherapy good for?”)

Believe it or not, you have been in a trance state many times before. You just weren’t aware of it. Think of the times you’ve been peacefully driving down the highway mentally “zoned out”. Perhaps you missed an exit or even got a speeding ticket!  Your conscious mind was somewhere else. Or, think of the last time you were just staring out of a window, daydreaming. That is also an altered state of consciousness or a semi-trance stance. Hypnotherapy is just like this.  In fact, it will probably be the deepest state of relaxation you ever experienced.  At North Florida Clinical Hypnotherapy you will be given the resources to continue your therapy in the comfort of your own home. We really want you to reach your goals  and therefore we will give you every tool you need to be successful.

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