Meet the therapist:

Cassandra Astolis  MS, MSW, CCHt

 Master’s of Science in Counseling

Master’s of Science in Clinical Social Work

Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


Cassandra Astolis has Master Degrees in both Counseling and Clinical Social Work and is certified in Clinical and Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP. She is also a Certified Health Coach. Cassandra is considered an expert by her peers in the field of hypnotherapy and the subconscious mind. She also lectures on spiritual matters and teaches small group classes when available.

Physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness for you and your family is Cassandra’s goal and therefore, sessions are structured with the whole person in mind. Goals are formulated and met with the tools of clinical hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and in some cases, spiritual counseling. Cassandra has an enormous rate of success and has helped 100’s of clients since 2009. Her passion is to serve, encourage others to realize their abilities and achieve their dreams. She has extensive knowledge in weight loss, smoking cessation, eating disorders, stress management, sports performance, trauma, grief and much more. She has a passion for helping to empower women so they may overcome the traumatic events of their past and create successful, happy futures.

With this broad background and 350 hours of extensive in-person, clinical hypnotherapy training, Cassandra will offer you unique, integrative and compassionate care. You will receive a personalized program that addresses your needs. This could include not only techniques of hypnotherapy and NLP, but also guided visualization, meditation, spiritual and life mastery work.

Your program will include step by step realistic goals that will ensure life long success. You’ll see that you really can change your life with hypnotherapy!

“Cassandra’s knowledge of hypnotherapy and the subconscious mind are unsurpassed. She has helped me more than any other therapist I worked with including a psychologist I saw for 3 years. I cannot stress enough how good she is at her job.” – Debbie T. Havana, FL