Lose Weight Now. Let us show you how!

If you are looking at this page, you have probably lost weight and gained it back many times. Why? Because while you were able to “follow a diet”  and lose weight, eventually the beliefs that influenced you to gain the weight in the first place crept back in. Because of this, you  are fighting a roller-coaster like battle – going on a diet then falling off the diet over and over again. With hypnotherapy, it’s a very different process. We get to the root of the problem and then we fix it for good.

By changing the thoughts you have about your body and of food you will find that your desire to overeat is diminished. When you are overweight, your mind reacts to food in a way that is different than that of someone who is naturally thin. The core beliefs you maintain about yourself also contribute daily to your self-image and how you perceive food. It is highly psychological.

Our program is holistic. It addresses the “why, when, where  and who” of your food habits. We will identify the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that trigger you to overeat. Then these will be transformed into new, healthful ideas. By learning a new way of thinking about yourself, you will lose weight and you will keep it off. It’s that easy.




What some people have said about the weight loss program:


“I have had enormous results and reached my goal weight within a year. This is for me the most effective and safe way to lose weight and keep it off!”

EB- Tallahassee, FL


“DOWN 25 LBS. I feel great. Wearing a two-piece for the first time in four years! Coming back to see you for a maintenance cd when I get back in town. Call you soon!”

Kathy W.     Tallahassee, FL


“Hey there, just wanted to email you about my results. Since seeing you three months ago, I have lost 45 lbs. I can’t even believe it. My husband is shocked and so happy. I don’t even think about food anymore. BLESS YOU GIRL!”

Cindy M.     Crawfordville, FL


“Down another 5! Can’t believe this is so easy. Never lost weight like this before!”

M.J. Crawfordville, FL


“Today is my 4-month anniversary. I’m down 35 pounds (half-way to my goal) and three pants sizes! I’ve hit plateaus twice over the past 2 months, but even that didn’t faze me. And, honestly, it really has been painless. I still listen to my CDs four or five times a week. Although I still have a ways to go to achieve my target weight, I feel as though every day I’m accomplishing what I set out to do. On each step of this journey, I’ve felt healthier and so much more comfortable in my body. I walk with a lighter step and my head held higher. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you, Cassandra. You have a true gift, and I wish you great success in all your ventures.”

V.H. Tallahassee, FL


“Facing high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and low kidney function, I decided to try hypnosis (on the advice of my doctor) to shed 100 plus pounds. I am thrilled after just 3 weeks to have already lost 13 lbs, but even more so happy that my sub-conscious mind  now controls what I eat and knows what is healthy for me to eat. I now have the tools to lose weight and to once again be healthy. I am positive that I will be looking great in a short time!”

J.C. – Panama City. FL


“Hi Cassandra, I am so happy to report that I am down 3 dress sizes!! I went shopping yesterday and fit into a size 8. I haven’t worn an 8 since I was in college. Thank you . I am ready for summer this year, finally!”

M.D. – Crawfordville, FL


If you have done the weight loss program and would like to share your success, please email with your story. [email protected]. You can also submit it in the contact forms. Thank you and we are happy for your success!



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