If you have reached this website, you are probably struggling with a problem you have had for a while, maybe years. Most people who finally turn to hypnotherapy have tried everything else without success. Well, the good news is that you have found the help you need.

Since 2009, the highly experienced and educated clinical hypnotherapists and counselors at North Florida Clinical Hypnotherapy have been helping people overcome problems they never thought they could resolve. Now, thanks to the wonders of technology and telehealth, sessions are easier than ever.

 So, whether you need to quit smoking, lose weight, enhance your performance in any area, sleep better, manage stress, increase your ability to be prosperous and successful, overcome bad habits, develop a healthier mind-body image, make peace with the past or address physical issues of any kind, we are here to help you finally succeed. Make 2024 a year of healing, goal reaching and success!


Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool.

It will allow you to discover the incredible power of your own subconscious mind.

Do you still smoke? Through hypnotherapy and behavior modification, we can help you quit for good.

Hypnotherapy is such a great tool for weight loss! We specialize in weight loss and other eating issues.

Get your head on straight with your self-confidence, belief and mindset. Your state of mind may be keeping you from your full potential.



Gift Certificates are available!

It’s Time To Relax.

Let’s face it, the world has become an incredibly stressful place. Covid, increased isolation, financial problems, relationship issues etc. If you are having a difficult time managing the stress in your life, give us a call because you don’t have to feel exhausted every day. Hypnosis can help you calm down and get back in control. With just a few sessions you will learn techniques of deep relaxation and NLP that allow you to experience greater peace and tranquility daily. Feeling more rested and refreshed, you will have more energy and a more positive attitude to handle every day issues.Your family and friends will thank you!


Improve Your Test Taking Skills

So many people suffer from test taking anxiety or the inability to focus or study. At North Florida Clinical Hypnotherapy, we have been helping students and professionals improve these skills. So if you are a college student looking for help with general school tasks or you need to do well on the GRE or LSAT exam, please contact us. As well, we have helped professionals pass state licensure exams for accounting, nursing, clinical psychology and more. You can pass!

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