Quitting smoking is a tough thing to accomplish. The patterns of behavior you have established while smoking have become a part of your daily routine. Being a smoker also might part of what you consider to be your identity. Smoking, however, is life threatening and generally, eventually causes health issues. So the sooner you quit the more quickly your body can recover from the negative effects that cigarettes have had on it.

These days, quitting doesn’t have to be so difficult. By using the power of your subconscious mind and  the tools of hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) quitting is easier. For over 10 years, our personalized smoking cessation program has a proven track record of success. We have helped all levels of smokers quit, even if you have been smoking for most of your life. So even if you have tried and failed before, you can still find success with our program.

Contact us today for more information or to set up your first appointment. Your lungs will be so glad you did.

“I had been a smoker for 47 years. I tried every option available to quit- patches, cold turkey, Chantix. Nothing worked. I was very skeptical about hypnosis because I thought it was just a hoax. After going through Cassandra’s one on one sessions as well as the hypnosis sessions, I am now a non-smoker. I never thought I would be able to say that. It really worked! Best money I ever spent!” – J.J.

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