How Much Does it Cost?

The first question people usually ask is “Is hypnotherapy covered by insurance?” The answer is yes and no. In some settings such as in the hospital, hypnotherapy may be covered by your insurance company but unfortunately, in most settings such as private clinics, it is not.

This is not a bad thing, for once the insurance company is in the picture, your privacy is out. Since hypnotherapy can deal with deeper, more private issues, knowing that your paperwork is kept confidential can be quite comforting. Insurance also generally requires “medical coding” or a diagnosis. At North Florida Clinical Hypnotherapy, we believe that while a diagnosis may help someone understand their condition, overall, it is unhealthy for the belief system of the subconscious mind. This is another reason why for this type of therapy, it is best to leave the insurance companies alone.

In an effort to bring rates down for those who are dedicated to reaching their goals, we offer programs for various issues. So, while the single session rate is $135/hour, a program will cost less per session and will include 1-2 programming recordings. This is done to discourage people who just want to “try hypnosis out” and encourage those who are truly committed to achieving change in their lives. Sessions are approximately 1 hour long unless a longer session is needed. Sessions are generally scheduled two to three weeks apart.



$135/hr session

$85/hr for clients who have completed a program and wish to follow up with continued sessions.

Personalized programming session with mp3 recording: $225


*Weight loss: $650 – 3 month program includes 4 sessions with 2 hypnotherapy programming recordings.

*Smoking cessation: $650 – 3 month program includes 4 sessions and 2 hypnotherapy programming recordings.

*Sports Performance:  $550 – 3-4 month program includes 4 sessions with 1 hypnotherapy programming recording.

*Public Speaking: $450 – 6 week program includes 3 sessions with 1 hypnotherapy programming recording.

*Stress Management: $450 2 month program includes 3 sessions with 1 hypnotherapy programming recording.

*Test Preparation (GRE, LSAT, SAT, CPA, Professional Licensing Exams) :  $650 2-3 month program includes 4 sessions with 1-2 hypnotherapy programming recordings.

*** Hypnotherapy programming sessions are personalized for your goals and needs. 

We take Venmo, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express for your convenience. * Due to the discount offered in a program, there is no refund for sessions, however, sessions within the program may be used for up to a year. 

It’s important to understand that hypnotherapy is a rapid method of achieving results. Because we are working with the source of the problem, (almost always the subconscious mind), progress is much faster than traditional “talk” therapy. Therefore, you will usually save money when compared to what you might pay in an insurance co-pay for a few months of psychotherapy or counseling.

“15 years in counseling with little to no results. I got tired of just talking and talking and paying and paying. Fast forward to hypnotherapy, 5 sessions and I feel the best that I have in my whole life.”

– Daniel M. , Panama City, FL

“I was in therapy for 4 years for a stuttering problem I have had since childhood. Nothing touched it until I tried hypnotherapy. In three sessions, we got to the root cause and the issue was solved. “

– JG, Tallahassee, FL

“Smoking program success! Pack and a half down to NONE! I appreciate your service! Couldn’t have done it without you.”

Michael G., Atlanta, GA